Vincent A. Busam
Skyland Systems Inc.
President and Principal Consultant
15754 Adams Ridge
Los Gatos, CA 95033

Senior hands-on software developer with a broad range of experience in systems applications, especially in the areas of multi-tiered business applications and middleware including Internet protocols, Windows and GUI.  Participates in all areas of software development from architecture to deployment, including coding.  Focused on meeting customer requirements with on-time, reliable, extensible products.  Contributes leadership due to management and marketing experience.


BS Mathematics, University of California, Davis
MS Information (Computer) Science, Washington State University
MBA, Pepperdine University
UCSC Extension, classes in C++, OLE, Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) and Object Oriented Design (OOD)

Technical Background:

Windows 2000/NT/98/95, DOS, UNIX, VM/370
C/C++ (including MFC), Java, Intel Assembly, PL/I, FORTRAN, 370 Assembler
Internet, Network Management, GUI, Communications, OOP (OOA and OOD), Data Base, Compilers, Client/Server, Business and Accounting Applications, OLE/COM/DCOM/ATL

Technical Experience:

Skyland Systems Inc. (Owner and Principal Consultant) -- Jan. 1998 to present

- Return assignment at Telera to provide leadership in the design and development of their next generation software platform.  Worked with others to refine the requirements and specify the architecture.  Wrote architecture and design documents and made technical presentations.  Fully participated in coding the prototype, the fallout of which was a special purpose transaction processing system (TPS) that has been used for several module implementations.   Technologies included C++, SQL Server, XML, XSL, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), HTTP, Fault Tolerance and Java Script.
- At Ten Square (formerly called iamnetworks) a startup using the Internet as the backbone to broadcast digital media, performed as Consulting Manager for Common Services.  Duties included identifying software components that were common across multiple platforms (NT and UNIX) and effecting solutions.  Technologies included Java, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Internet protocols (HTTP, FTP), JavaScript, HTML, and software distribution.  Also performed other duties as requested including organizing technical documentation for due diligence, leading database task force, and temporarily leading QA group. Personally did hands-on design and implementation of a terminal simulation program and web pages to support software distribution.
- Architecture, design, and some coding for Telera (formerly called CallNet Communications), a startup with a multi-tier internet-based system based on Windows NT.  Technologies used included XML, HTTP, IIS, ASP, VC++, Java, and COM.  Analysis and high-level design was performed using object oriented programming techniques (OOP: OOA and OOD) utilizing Rational Rose.  Mr. Busam led the architecture of two major components and participated in the design and implementation of some modules.
- Technical consulting for Network Associates on their RouterPM product, an SNMP-based proactive performance management tool for routers that has both a Windows and web (HTML and Java) user interface. Transferred the product's technology from a remote office that was being closed to corporate headquarters.  Wrote a test plan and procedures for the next release and found and fixed problems in the product, culminating in release 3.2.
- Technical consulting for a startup, Vertical Networks, developing next-generation communications systems.  Mr. Busam created a specification for web-based remote diagnostics for their new product and implemented a proof-of-concept set of HTML-based web pages.  He also designed and implemented a tool for access via the web of filtered trace diagnostic information, merging input from multiple sources.  Implementation included a Java applet, Active Server Page (ASP) scripts, and an Active Template Library (ATL) server COM object running under Windows NT's Internet Information Server (IIS).

JetStream Communications, Inc. -- Aug. 1996 to Jan. 1998
Manager and hands-on contributor for a two person group responsible for the Windows 95 and NT management program for the Front Desk ISDN digital communications manager. Project leader for the design and implementation of a major revision (version 2.0) of the GUI for the Front Desk Manager which made the Front Desk product easier to configure and troubleshoot. Responsibilities included the NDIS, TAPI, and MAPI drivers for 95 and NT.

Novell -- Sept. 1995 to Aug. 1996
Manager and hands-on contributor for a three-person group for the Alarm Manager component of the ManageWise network manager. Designed and implemented a new architecture based on client/server, COM, OLE, and a Windows console. Attended JavaOne conference and participated in Management Division's evaluation of Java.  Member of Management Products Division's Process Development Team.

Skyland Systems (Owner and Principal Consultant) -- Jan. 1994 to Aug. 1995
Completed consulting assignments for a number of companies including:

CSI/3Com -- 1986 to Dec. 1993
After it was spun out of 3Com Corporation, managed a staff of eleven software engineers and writers at the San Jose office of Communications Solutions, Inc. (CSI). Led the design and implementation of a Windows-based network management product for Attachmate SNA products and releases of Maxess, a LAN-based SNA gateway. Responsible for a $1.5M budget.

Manager Technical Staff and Product Line Manager for Maxess while at 3Com. In charge of spinning out Maxess product line. In corporate marketing position, developed white papers "FDDI: What It Is, How It Works, & Why It's Important" and "3Com's 3+Open Client-Server System and IBM Connectivity."

Manager, Technical Staff at CSI before acquisition by 3Com. Software Development Manager of a group of thirteen engineers responsible for product development, including UNIX, DOS, and LAN versions of OEM communications software based on IBM's SNA (Systems Network Architecture), including several major releases.

Skyland Systems (Owner and Principal Consultant) -- 1976 to 1986
Completed software development consulting assignments for a number of companies including Amdahl, CSI, Tektronix, TRW, and Tymshare. Developed TURN-ON (hardware and software) for unattended remote phone access to an IBM PC. Product was sold to DynaTech Computer Products. Conceived and developed, for personal computers, a family of integrated generalized accounting programs which were sold to Safeguard Business Systems and marketed as Safeguard's Dental Accounting System. Served as Director of Product Management for Technology Applications, Inc. for fifteen months and also developed software for their microprocessor-based telephone instrument for an OEM customer.

Tymshare -- 1973 to 1976
Manager of 370 Applications. Managed a group of twelve software developers.

Memorex and CSC -- 1966 to 1973
Manager of software development teams implementing compilers.


"Acquisition Criteria in the Computer and Related Electronics Industries," MBA Research Project, Pepperdine University, Aug. 1980
"A Dictionary Structure for a PL/I Compiler," International Journal of Computer and Information Sciences, Vol. 1, No. 3, 1972
"On the Structure of Dictionaries for Compilers," ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Data Structures, Feb. 1971
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"An Algorithm for Class Scheduling with Section Preference," Communications of the ACM, Sept. 1967
"A Study of Procedures for Implementing PL/I on the IBM 360," MS Thesis, WSU, 1966


U.S. Patent 4,647,721: Telephone activated power controller; Busam, Bell, and Holcombe


From Brett Glass' Help Desk column in InfoWorld 12/22-29/97:

He "has created a utility called SeeConnect, which remedies the 'invisibility' problem in Microsoft's Dial-Up Networking (DUN) 1.2. SeeConnect can signal that you're online by changing the desktop background color, blinking a button in the taskbar, or placing a blinking icon (easier to see than a nonblinking one) in the system tray."

From the former President of Jetstream:

He "goes beyond the technical issues in his work – he is concerned about the customer experience. He worked extensively on our user interface, including participating in the usability testing and refinement. There were significant improvements; he played a lead role in this activity. He takes his responsibilities seriously, manages meetings well, and is a good coach for creating project plans and working through technical issues with his team. As a developer, he takes a methodical and thorough approach. He can be creative in finding ways around problems. He’s good about documenting his efforts and sharing information with others."

From a former Director at Novell:

"He worked with Marketing to elicit the real customer requirements that were expressed as solutions. He brings strong development practices. I credit his participation in the Alarm Management development for the quality of the design. His communication skills are excellent."