SeeConnect is a freeware program that provides a visual indication to occur on the desktop whenever an active RAS (Remote Access Service) connection exists. Many programs, such as Microsoft’s Dial-Up Networking, use RAS when dialing out to make a WAN connection to another computer, such as an Internet connection.

SeeConnect can be configured so that the visual indication provided is either:

(a) changing the background desktop color (for example, from green to yellow)

from: [green screen]  to: [yellow screen]


(b) blinking a button in the taskbar or an icon in the system tray .

If your desktop has wallpaper or some pattern, the background color of the desktop will not appear to change, but the captions for icons on the desktop will have a different background color.

SeeConnect can be run either on a standalone workstation or in client/server mode. When run in client/server mode, the SeeConnect server is normally run on a Windows system that is also running a proxy server. SeeConnect clients are then run on other Windows systems that gain WAN access through the proxy server. The server and client communicate using threaded TCP/IP sockets.


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From Brett Glass' Help Desk column in InfoWorld 12/22-29/97:

Vince Busam has created a utility called SeeConnect, which remedies the 'invisibility' problem in Microsoft's Dial-Up Networking (DUN) 1.2.  SeeConnect can signal that you're online by changing the desktop background color, blinking a button in the taskbar, or placing a blinking icon (easier to see than a nonblinking one) in the system tray.