Other Projects

SNMP Network Management / Performance Analysis
Technical consulting for Network Associates on their RouterPM product, an SNMP-based proactive performance management tool for routers that has both a Windows and web (HTML and Java) user interface. Transferred the product's technology from a remote office that was being closed to corporate headquarters.  Wrote a test plan and procedures for the next release and found and fixed problems in the product, culminating in release 3.2.

Web-based Diagnostics
Technical consulting for a startup, Vertical Networks, developing next-generation communications systems.  Mr. Busam created a specification for web-based remote diagnostics for their new product and implemented a proof-of-concept set of HTML-based web pages.  He also designed and implemented a tool for access via the web of filtered trace diagnostic information, merging input from multiple sources.  Implementation included a Java applet, Active Server Page (ASP) scripts, and an Active Template Library (ATL) server COM object running under Windows NT's Internet Information Server (IIS).

System Review
A CTI store-and-forward voice messaging (Voice-Tel) system was having performance problems. Throughput was much lower than needed. The customer was facing increased equipment cost to compensate.

A review of the system architecture was undertaken with particular attention paid to the UNIX-based store-and-forward server. Several areas were identified where potential bottlenecks could arise. A detail code review reinforced concern. Recommendations were made for code improvement. Performance measurements confirmed that an extremely high percentage of system CPU time was being consumed and there was a high number of I/O calls.

Redesign and recoding of one module dropped CPU utilization to 1/6 of what it had been. This performance gain was sufficient to meet the customer’s requirements and made deploying more expensive processors unnecessary.

SNA Gateway
Mr. Busam managed release 2.0 of the Maxess SNA Gateway. The gateway ran on either DOS or OS/2 platforms and provided both 3270 and APPC connectivity to IBM host computers. Maxess clients provided both 3270 terminal emulation and APPC APIs. Clients ran on DOS, Windows, and OS/2 platforms. Maxess was a shrinkwrap end-user product.

Other Projects
RDBMS and SQL experience using R:Base. Also one of a three member team that performed the initial specification and design of Magnum, Tymshare’s relational database system.

Business applications, including G/L, Journal, and Payroll. Also developed specialized Medical and Dental accounting systems.

Compiler development, including C, PL/I, FORTRAN, and Jovial.

Application performance analysis under VM/CMS.

Host-based prescription system for pharmacy chains.