The Busam's
New Zealand Vacation
12-Nov-2002 to 13-Dec-2002

Vince's Bungy Jump

I had wanted to do a bungy jump for some time and Queenstown gave me the golden opportunity.  I jumped from the Kawarau Bridge, the world's first full time bungy site.  The bridge is 43m (142ft.) over the river.  We went to the bridge late one afternoon to check it out.  By the time I decided to actually jump, they had closed for the day.  We when back the next morning and I did the jump.

The jump was a big thrill.  It was over very quickly but gave a big rush.  There was no big jerk at the bottom, but the first few bounces were wild and completely uncontrolled.  It was great to do it once and I'd be happy to do it again, but the price must be more reasonable.  I am happy I did it once and (perhaps) got it out of my system.

You can see pictures of my jump by going to our picture selection page and selecting the bungy pictures. Click here for pictures.  (To see bungy pictures, you must select “Bore me and show all pictures”.)

Click here for A. J. Hackett's web site.  The site has more information and current prices.

I have a video of my jump.  You can download the video by right clicking on the following link, saving the file to your disk, and then playing it.  If you download the video, I hope you have a high-speed link since it is a big file.  Download the file and play it in your favorite program, e.g. Windows Media Player.

Right click here to download VinceBungy.mpg 21.1 MB Make sure you save file type as mpg.

BTW:  In New Zealand "bungy" is the spelling used, not bungee.


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